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Recent Messages

Here are the most recent messages shared at the fellowship.
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Date Message Title Speaker
02/11/2024 Let Us Go With Him Paul Greenlee
02/04/2024 Abiding: I in My Father, and You in Me and I in You Lex Grier
01/28/2024 The Young Man in Gethsemane - Mark 14:51-52 Ed Miller
01/21/2024 In The Fullness of Time Paul Greenlee
01/14/2024 Coming to Him Paul Greenlee

Labor Day Weekend 2023 Retreat


Date Message Title Speaker
09/01/2023 Cities of Refuge Paul Greenlee
09/02/2023 Nehemiah: Spiritual Significance of The Wall Ed Miller
09/02/2023 Nehemiah Receives a Revelation of the Condition of The Wall Ed Miller
09/03/2023 Nehemiah: Spiritual Warfare Ed Miller
09/03/2023 Nehemiah: Life Behind the Finished Wall Ed Miller
09/04/2023 Nehemiah: The Dedication of The Wall Ed Miller

Spring 2023 Men's Retreat

The Present Prayer Life of Jesus in the Life of a Believer

Date Message Title Speaker
03/24/2023 What God Recognizes As Prayer Ed Miller
03/25/2023 The Main Principle in the Lord's Prayer Ed Miller
03/25/2023 Christ, Mediator of The New Covenant Ed Miller
03/26/2023 Christ: The Sympathetic High Priest In My Heart Ed Miller

Labor Day Weekend 2022 Retreat

Gideon - The Valiant Warrior

Spring 2022 Men's Retreat

Date Message Title Speaker
04/01/2022 Jonah - Introduction Ed Miller
04/02/2022 Jonah - Death to Self Ed Miller
04/02/2022 Jonah - Raised From the Dead As A Sign Ed Miller
04/03/2022 Climax of Jonah's Testimony Ed Miller

Labor Day Weekend 2021 Retreat

Labor Day Weekend 2020 Retreat

Spring 2019 Men's Retreat

Spring 2019 Sisters' Weekend

Date Message Title Speaker
03/30/2019 Leaning On The Beloved - The Beloved Diane Grier
03/30/2019 Leaning On The Beloved - The Wilderness Diane Grier
03/31/2019 Leaning On The Beloved - Leaning Diane Grier

Labor Day Weekend 2018 Retreat

Spring 2018 Men's Retreat

Date Message Title Speaker
01/28/2018 Burden for Spring 2018 Men's Retreat Ed Miller
03/23/2018 Conformed to His Vision Ed Miller
03/24/2018 How The Lord Sees Our Faith Tom Wontrop

Labor Day Weekend 2017 Retreat

Video of the messages on The Root of David have been posted online.
The videos can be viewed on the individual pages for the messages (at the links below) or on the YouTube "channel" page for all five messages.

Date Message Title Speaker
09/02/2017 Asa: Total Reliance On The Lord Ed Miller
09/02/2017 Jehoshaphat: Christ The Source of All Tom Wontrop
09/03/2017 Uzziah: Knowledge Through a Full Vision of God Ed Miller
09/03/2017 Hezekiah: Christ Our Life Tom Wontrop
09/04/2017 Josiah: The Revelation of God Through His Word Ed Miller

Spring 2017 Men's Retreat

Date Message Title Speaker
03/31/2017 Noah in The Ark - Present Salvation Ed Miller
04/01/2017 Noah in The Ark - Abiding In Christ Tom Wontrop
04/01/2017 Noah in The Ark - Resting Ed Miller
04/01/2017 Noah - The Rainbow Covenant Tom Wontrop
04/02/2017 Simplicity in Devotion to Christ Ed Miller