Messages (by Date)

Date Message Title Speaker
01/17/2021 Jesus Manifests His Glory Jeff Smith
01/10/2021 The Thorn In The Flesh Ed Miller
01/03/2021 Celebration of Life - Uncle Donald Jeff Smith
01/03/2021 Facing The New Year Paul Greenlee
12/27/2020 The Kingdom of Heaven Rick Baker
12/20/2020 The Names of God Lex Grier
12/13/2020 Who's In Charge? Jeff Smith
12/06/2020 The Truth Shall Set You Free Paul Greenlee
11/22/2020 Face To Face With The Lord Jesus Rick Baker
11/15/2020 He Is Trustworthy Lex Grier
11/08/2020 Preserved Through Paul Greenlee
10/25/2020 Your Speech Betrays You Rick Baker
10/18/2020 Holiness Paul Greenlee
10/04/2020 The Shield of Faith Lex Grier
09/27/2020 That Your Faith Fail Not Lex Grier
09/20/2020 Blessed In The Heavenlies - Part 6 Jeff Smith
09/13/2020 Blessed In The Heavenlies - Part 5 Jeff Smith
08/30/2020 Our Gospel Rick Baker
08/23/2020 Blessed In The Heavenlies - Part 4 Jeff Smith
08/16/2020 A Prisoner Of The Lord Rick Baker