Messages (by Date)

Date Message Title Speaker
05/19/2019 Lazarus Paul Greenlee
05/12/2019 Entering In To Possess the Land Lex Grier
05/05/2019 And This Life is in His Son Paul Greenlee
04/28/2019 Grafted In Paul Greenlee
04/07/2019 Abundant Life in Christ Lex Grier
03/31/2019 Possessing the Land Paul Greenlee
03/17/2019 True Spiritual Drink Paul Greenlee
03/10/2019 Feeding on True Spiritual Food Paul Greenlee
03/03/2019 The Principle of Direction Paul Greenlee
02/24/2019 The Secret of The Lord - Burden for Spring 2019 Men's Retreat Ed Miller
02/17/2019 God Calls Samuel(s) Paul Greenlee
02/10/2019 The Hope of His Calling Paul Greenlee
02/03/2019 On The Road to Timnah Paul Greenlee
01/27/2019 The Unapproachable Light (1 Ti 6:16) Charles Baker
01/20/2019 The Three Groanings Lex Grier
12/16/2018 The Handwriting Against Us (Col 2:14) Phil Jenkins
12/09/2018 Unto His Name Lex Grier
11/25/2018 Jesus Christ is Our Hope Lex Grier
11/18/2018 He Took Our Sins Away Paul Greenlee
11/11/2018 His Word, His Ways, His Works Noah Krieg