Family Ministries 2022 Retreat

Labor Day Weekend 2022 - "The Valiant Warrior"

The Lord has presented the brothers and sisters of Family Ministries with the opportunity to gather in fellowship at the Denton Wesleyan Camp in Denton, Maryland over Labor Day weekend in 2022. The Camp facility is large enough to accommodate all who might desire to participate, and we are extending an open invitation.

Our brother Ed Miller has a burden from the Lord regarding Jesus as the VALIANT WARRIOR. We encourage you to pray about this word and the weekend. We would be thrilled to have you gather with us!

Message from our brother Ed Miller

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I thank the Lord for the privilege to be able to fellowship and share our Lord Jesus with you at the Denton Camp gathering on Labor Day weekend (September 2-5).

I believe the Lord is guiding me in my study to share the vision of the Lord Jesus and His marvelous ways in preparing, molding and using the one He has set aside to be His “valiant warrior”.  This title, valiant warrior, is the title the Lord Jesus applied to His servant Gideon, (Judges 6:12).

The redemptive history of Gideon, the fifth judge over Israel, wonderfully illustrates God’s patient ministry in the life of any Christian, first transforming him (her) into a valiant warrior, and then leading them into glorious victory.  We will examine the ways of the Lord is accomplishing this work in each of us gathering in September.  Please be in believing prayer that the Lord would be pleased to manifest Himself in a living way.  Thank you.

My approach to this great theme is simple, gleaning life-principles from the text.

First, as He did with Gideon, He must correct serious spiritual misconceptions.  We will look at several of those misconceptions.  Then, as He did for Gideon, He identified the real enemy that had to be dealt with and overcome.  (It was not Midian!)  The Lord ever deals with the heart of the issue; He does not chop off weeds at the surface.  This will also be a part of our meditations.

The meeting between Gideon and the Lord Jesus took place on the threshing floor.  This is more than a historical fact.  It contains a Bible principle.  The “threshing floor” throughout the Bible, is a necessary meeting place between the Lord and His servant.  We will examine the heart of God in His choosing of the threshing floor to prepare His servant to become a valiant warrior.

Lastly, in final preparation, Gideon is weaned from sight to faith and equipped by God as the valiant warrior that would enjoy and bring victory to the oppressed people of God.
In a very loose way, our study is a biographical study of the Judge, Gideon.  Our real message is the process by which the Lord transforms a defeated Christian into a valiant warrior and then manifests Himself through that valiant warrior bringing victory to the entire body of Believers.

I have been given five opportunities to present this theme.

Lesson # 1  God corrects Gideon’s spiritual misconceptions.
Lesson # 2  God identifies the true enemy of victory.
Lesson # 3  The Lord chooses the threshing floor to work His deepest ministry.
Lesson # 4  The Lord weans us from sight to faith bringing us to the place of helpless dependence.
Lesson # 5  The Lord manifests Himself as the Victorious One.

It is early in my heart-preparation for our flocking together, so some of this might be slightly changed.  However, I pray that this overview will give you a direction and encouragement to study and pray so that we might all gain the most spiritual benefit for our meeting together.

Do know that the Lord delights in you.  Rest!  Abide!  Worship!

James 4:15 “If the Lord wills, we shall live and also do this or that.”

In Union with Jesus,
Ed Miller

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